The seasonal sale is just around the corner, with Back to School hot on its heels. We’ve made it simple for online stores to prepare with the ultimate sale season checklist that covers the 18 things every eCommerce site should do to take advantage of this important time.

According to the US-based National Retail Federation, online, mobile and catalog sales are expected to rise 6 to 9 percent in 2016. A Kip-linger report shows online sales representing nearly 10% of all goods sold in April, up nearly 2 percent when compared to last year. With overall retail sales up 4.7% compared to 2015, they expect consumers to spend more on apparel as the economy improves. Make sure your store is ready to respond to the uptick in consumer confidence by following our sales season checklist.

The ultimate sale season checklist:

  1. Optimize your online shop for higher traffic. More traffic means less resources to load your site. Unfortunately, slow loading pages are the number-one reason for lost sales; make sure you’re using a preferred hosting provider who can ensure page loads fast to improve your website’s performance.
  2. Stock up! Forecast sales and make sure you have enough inventory to meet the season’s higher demand.
  3. Display a countdown on your homepage to give customers a head up on what’s coming and increase excitement for your extreme deals. 
  4. Mobile, mobile, mobile! Make sure your site is responsive and equipped with a mobile checkout process, so customers can shop 
  5. Offer gift wrapping. Your competitors are doing it, customers love it and the feature to offer gift wrapping is available (for free) .
  6. Promote expedited shipping, free shipping and ship on time! Free shipping will cinch the deal for customers looking for a bargain and last-minute shoppers will be relieved to see fast shipping options.
  7. Free returns! Emphasize your e-shop’s amazing return policies.
  8. Start e-mail marketing today if you have not already.
  9. Offer social media promotions with special codes — your followers will love being in on a secret deal. 
  10. Test sales promos, over and over. There’s nothing worse than finding a deal… that does not work
  11. Create landing pages with sales-specific keywords – check out  for cool landing page options and create blog posts that tie in with the season.
  12. Dress up your online shop with tailor made awesome designs and help customers easily to identify what’s on sale!
  13. Cross selling and up selling are native features. so take advantage of them.
  14. Create special gift categories the perfect gift for kids and family members.
  15. Promote e-mail signups make them extra visible since customers are more inclined to sign up during sales.
  16. Actively Monitor your back-office, social media networks, e-mail to avoid any hiccups during peak sales season.
  17. Integrate additional customer services so that you are easily available for your customers. Consider including live chat, phone numbers, quick email responses.
  18. Offer Express Checkout. Customers are in a rush to take advantage of all the great deals online.